Kenta Gas Release Formula Sinking Pellets for Goldfish

If you have a goldfish, you know that sometimes they can experience gas. This can be uncomfortable for your fish, and it can also be a sign that something is wrong with their diet. Kenta Gas Release Formula Sinking Pellets are a great way to prevent goldfish gas. These are sinking pellets, so they’re perfect for goldfish who like to bottom-feed.

What is the Kenta Gas Release Formula?

Kenta Gas Release Formula Sinking Pellets

Kenta Gas Release Formula is an antibiotic-free goldfish food sinking pellets made to prevent gas buildup in your goldfish’s digestive tract. It prevents goldfish gas that causes imbalance, causing their head to sink, raising the tail, and making it hard for them to swim downwards.

Using Kenta Goldfish food for your goldfish will make them produce longer and fuller waste. This may include air bubbles along with it as well, which help to retrieve the gas from their digestive tract.

Kenta is made to be the primary food source for goldfish and contains multivitamins to boost metabolism. You can mix it with other fish foods with high protein to create a well-balanced meal for all your finicky goldfish.

Kenta’s key ingredient is calcium, which helps strengthen its fins and tails while stimulating intestinal movement.

How To Use Kenta Gas Release Formula

  • For mixing, mix 30% of Kenta with other fish foods and feed daily.
  • Feed Kenta 3-5 feedings per week for straight Kenta as goldfish food.
Kenta Gas Release Formula Sinking Pellets Ingredients
Kenta Gas Release Formula Sinking Pellets Nutritional Composition


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